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Monday, August 1, 2011

Starving like for whole day to wait Miko and her sister , we went to Ichiban Boshi instead of Snow Flakes. The queue is mad crazy ! The price is affordable laaaa , too bad i was so fungry and i didn take much photo of the food. Y'all see a "sifu" making and cutting noodle. At first, i thought it was a Ramee restaurant , but she is making Soba noodle :)

The beef is so fresh that you can actually see blood ! Nahh just kidding =_=

This is what i ordered , i took it by my phone cam , so bear with the quality .. So freaking nice :)

Went down the street in Bukit Bintang , lotsa stuff you can see 

Poor beggar looks so grumpy ...

Playing with slow shutter :X

My current addiction : IKEA Meatballs 

Well, this is the main factor that im gaining 5 kg hopelessly ...  :(

Head My Head

I've changed the new header for the layout. The previous one actually pretty scary. 

Dahhhh back to Funkyland . 

Monday BLUE ! I hate working but i enjoy getting salary . Wait, who doesn't ? :)  

Checking enough my blog ? now its time to get back to sleep peeps ! 

That's pretty much for today , tmr i shall update again . 

Bonne nuit ! 

 Can u recognize me ? Hopelessly 5 kg in 2 months  

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