RoadTrip & Lepak

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Im lovin the urban culture, nothing gonna stop me from exploring new things. We hang out like so often that we almost addicted to it. Things went pretty well throughout these few months. Im loving my life here . Me, Miko and Jason, the camera kaki went for a roadtrip from Kelana Jaya - KL Sentral - Pasar Seni - Jalan Imbi, capturing all sort of things that we saw. It was fun and we decided to go again this weekend. 

My shortayyy !


Like what i said, we lepak soooo often and we decided to go Genting. Its been a long time i havent been there. So uhmm ... :)

Mrs Simpsons XD

So wrong XD

This is even worse , I look like a cow ! 

Gang Photo :)

Such a poser . LMAO

She bites , beware !

I love em !

Psychotic, torturing ourself by walking outside Genting in the middle of the night without wearing jackets. Wait ! We are not allowed to wear any jacket just to cold ourself . Yes we were shivering while on the way back ! 

Thats it ! Cheers ! 

Hello !

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