Monday, May 16, 2011

Yellowwww Im back ! This post is gonna be a wrap of recent stuff . I'm having my semester break which allowed me to rot at home and grow fungus. Well , because of Miko and Singee , i've gained my interest in nailart again . Yesss we often talk about nail art stuff .

The video below is a tutorial for nail art which seems interesting . So i decided to give a try . Scroll down if you wanna see the outcome ...

So if u watched the video , you should know that you will dipped your fingers into the water . So this is when you take it out , looks gross isnt it ? However the colour is so candy-licious !

Wipe out the remain , looks like this :) 

So i considered its a success ! But i refused to do for the remaining nails because it requires a lot of nail polish  which makes very heartache ! Im not gonna waste my fav nail polish unless its a cheaper or other colours.
So yeah , try it yourself :)

I also make several nail arts while watching HK drama . Like it ?  :))

On the other hand, my parents went on vacation last week which makes me a dog slave for one week ! I do know what it feels like right now to take care of these dogs especially when they pee and poo like nobody's business ! Urghhh however i still love them esp Zara, my love one ! 

As you can see Maia loves my leg . My leg drives Maia's libido ! Hah her fav activity when she get bored ...

The first night is torturing as she whines all the time and lays there and wait for my mom .. heart aching to see such scene 

After some days , yay ! She is alright and totally forgotten her mommy ! And im her new owner ! Hah ... Dont mention Zara , he didnt even care about my dad's presence !

Hell yeah talking about dogs and it reminds me of poor stray dogs ! 

Look at her , poor thing get hit by car and caused its lower limbs are unable to move . How could them treated her like this ? Four wheels VS Four Legs ... Owhh poor dog now has gone no where, i have no idea where she gone and hope she was adopted by some kind people ! 

One last smile from her  :)  

So this is Lily ! Where we found it around my house area in Kampar , Lily was named by Jason .. Little Lily, hope she will be alright in Kampar , i want to see you in August ! :)

Okay back to the pressie that my parents bought ! Well i appreciate what my mom bought me ! My fav Toblerone ! Weeeee this is gonna be a fattening sem break ! heeeheee ~

And there she bought me a Nike bag to put my laptop as it is water proof . Thank you mommy ! I haven't bought her present for Mother's day yet , and she bought me so many stuff ... Okayyy im feeling guilty right now !  

Thats a wrap and will update soon ! Heee :))

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