Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aight ! Happy Birthday Ginny ! Ginny's 21st is pretty boring this year , Don't worry we will bring more fun to you next week !

Blow !

Wish for Ken Ee's appearance 

Smirk ?!?! 

Yesterday i was supposed to do revision for test , but .... instead of doing that , I'm obsessed with my nail polish and nail art.

This is my current favorite . Gonna do it in no time !

Miko's fav ! Look nice but gotta buy that nail polish .

This is cute and looks like my finger nails  XD

I wanna try this because the combination of the colours is vibrant and niceeee

So the result of yesterday hardwork on my nail .

Simple rite . Its actually a solid grey and peach . Well blame my phone camera then .

This weekend gonna try other nail art and show you guys . PEACE !

P/S : Test is over , hooray for one week ! Crap like nobody's business in the writing test . I dont care ! Have fun for one week and the following week would be hell !

Hello !

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