Hectic Sem

Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes Yes Yes , I know i've been neglected my blog for more than 1 month. So sorry ! I'm very berry busy for this semester . Imagine that , you have to deal with those internship stuff before March. Done every interview and approval from those company. Besides, we have to start to do our FYP already . FYI , FYP = Final Year Project ~ So hype busy already ! Other than that, this semester is torturing ! Most of my subjects for this semester is all about theory and journals ! Do research , survey ! God ~ Kill me please ~ I've to go through this semester then i will be alright ! Then i will have my plan with my girls partaying all night long ! Party , i've been eager to party hard after this hectic semester !

Plus, im having a fever right after the YES roadshow that held in my campus for 1 damn week . 9am-6pm . The virus is spreading around. Take good care of yourself for CNY ! :]

Well, will update my Bali trip pt 2 most probably tomorrow ! Ciao !

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