My 20th Birthday Bash Part 2

Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, so this is the part 2 of my birthday bash party ! Yeah , this what they made for me... I love my precious  boy plan the whole thing for me . He had been planning it for 2 weeks . Simply adorable . Thank u sooo much ! XOXO i appreciate every efforts, videos , ideas , money and so much more . I know u always wanna to buy me a exy watch like i always wanted. But i can afford it and buy it by myself . U already spend too much money on me till i dont know the exact figure anymore . the love from me , no words can be explained . Yeah in our hearts , they speak for us.  :)

I wanted to thank my baby girl - Veeiean & Chee Eng . U guys made it and celebrate with me . Im soo surprised and i love u sooo much , my beloved baby always ..... my best friends always and always ! Thank u baby girl ~

Next, thank u for those bitches there who willing to spare their time for me. Yes its u ! muaxxx u guys rocks ! i love u guys so muchie . This birthday bash is the best ever . I really touched by it and cried it out . So u can actually see my fugly face from the photos. Smudge eye liner , red nose , sore eyes. Friendship forever and ever . Hope it lasts after we graduates :] 


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