Journey With Love Pt 2

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So here is the part 2 of the journey . Well i will continue with a few photos at the beach.
Okay so there is a restaurant , idk what name but their Nasi Goreng Kampung is awesome !
Its only RM5 . It smells good ! 

Saw a lot people playing parachute ? idk what they call ~ 

Little boy enjoy playing sand at the beach .

Hairy legs .

Colourful   :]


So for the dinner , we decided to have something special and nice . We went to Chin's Stylish Cuisine near Pengkalan Weld there. The ambience is niceee and i love their high end mix and match interior design. I took hell lotsa photos , no worries ! 

Deciding which set meal to take ~ Someone just dunwan to focus me .. ughh ~

The ceiling is decorate with all kind of poster frames.

Our seat is facing the sea . Awesome nehh ~Lelele 

The appetizer . its a kind of fish , idk what fish . LOL

Second and third appetizer . no idea what they called too . 

Preserved Egg . Too salty for me .

Err idk what is this . I just dun like it . Literally dishes here is pretty weird that you dont know what are eating . Hahaha !

Erm ... i seriously dunno what is it . Taste like fish but soft as tofu . IDK lahh ~

I cant wait to eat them all ! 

The tang lung can actually spin . Hahaha this is what happens when tech combine with culture !

The portrait is actually quite freaky . 

waiting for the main course ...

What took it so long ? Im fungry !!

Nah , now u see they are spinning ~ 

Okay the fun part , u notice the poster on the ceiling & those crystal chandeliers ? Spot something to laugh with ? HAHAHAHA

Hello ? Are we forgotten ? Im gonna faint .

As u can see my expression is really really HUNGRY and DESPERATE 

Their signature dish - special roasted chicken or duck . Not sure is duck or chicken . But it tastes very NICE

You can fold it like a popiah with it . 

And im hungry now ... UGHHHH !

 Here comes the main course . I must says that this rice is really special . Different from others and very natural

Erm ... idk this either . But its abit sweet and sour .

This is the spicy fish bla bla ~ idk the name. VERY SPICY !

Dessert - Sorry lost focus, my bad !  :( 

The awards they had won . Asia's Finest Restaurant 2010/2011

The entrance 

 Outside there, chill bar ! 

Till then, the port ~

The restaurant is worth to go with reasonable price. I will go again for sure to try another set meal. It is located at Pengkalan Weld there.

Address : Tanjong City Marina, Church Street Pier, 8A Pengkalan Weld(next to QEII On The Sea)

Phone Number : 604-2612611


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