Journey With Love Pt 3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

For the second day, we did some shopping. That is a MUST ! Heehee we went Queensbay Mall  :]

SS at the toilet .

The decoration for Xmas and their theme is Barbie. 

I believe the children will crazy for it .

Break time at J.Co

The fattening Choco Oreo 

My healthy yogurt ~ superb nice !

Shopping mode ON !

He bought himself a watch . *faint*

Dinner time at Sakae Sushi.

Yesh ! our stuff ! HOHOHO Im broke !!

Next post ? Its about Penang Trip again but with another buddy  :]

We actually went twice within 2 weeks ~

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everyone loves Mac's applications and this is their unique selling point that is so special that everyone is hyping for iPhone and iPad. Okay make it short, im participating in "Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis" contest. Get crazy for any idea you have and get the chance to win 2 iPad from Maxis ! Weehooo !

Have you noticed that people without health or wealth only wish for a better health. But people with health only wish for wealth? People only realize the importance of health when they are seriously ill. So what do you think when technology works with health? People is so busy working to have a better living but they often neglect their health. Working day and night? Work till midnight? Burn midnight oil? Yes! This is the lifestyle of people nowadays.

So, Im inventing an application called "Body Health Analyzer Application" that can analyze your body health condition. How great is that right? You can easily analyze your body health by just using this application everyday. If you don't have time to go to specialist to check your body composition, you can always use this application whenever you are free just within 3 mins.

This application can tell you your body's age, excess weight and toxin inside your body. It analyze your body water and  body composition

How does it work ? 

By holding it with your both hand and stand straight for several minutes. Then the application can detect your body condition include heart pulse rate and so on ~ Spot the red circle on the body? That is the important part of your body that need to be aware of.

Okay , so yeah this is my idea and i hope Maxis can realize it. Health is wealth, this is true just like Earth moves around the sun. 

Maxis contest participant badge

iPads are now available through Maxis. Check out their awesome deals !
Maxis now offers Data Plans exclusive to iPad, tailor made to suit your needs! Just sign up for any of Maxis’ great data plans below and experience online entertainment on the ego. All plans come with Micro-SIM card.



For more information , go to and get more exciting promotions and contest like this !

Ipoh Miko ?

Today i was surfing net and login into my Nuffnang Account to check the analytics. And i found something funny ...

People actually google "Ipoh Miko" and found it in my blog ! So Miko ~ so famous huh ? Aiyerrrrrrr

Ahhhhh ! Unbelievable ! Ngek ngek ngek ~~ She should be very proud now ! Hahaha

Okay , here is the short blog post . Will update Journey With Love Pt3 later  :]

Journey With Love Pt 2

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So here is the part 2 of the journey . Well i will continue with a few photos at the beach.
Okay so there is a restaurant , idk what name but their Nasi Goreng Kampung is awesome !
Its only RM5 . It smells good ! 

Saw a lot people playing parachute ? idk what they call ~ 

Little boy enjoy playing sand at the beach .

Hairy legs .

Colourful   :]


So for the dinner , we decided to have something special and nice . We went to Chin's Stylish Cuisine near Pengkalan Weld there. The ambience is niceee and i love their high end mix and match interior design. I took hell lotsa photos , no worries ! 

Deciding which set meal to take ~ Someone just dunwan to focus me .. ughh ~

The ceiling is decorate with all kind of poster frames.

Our seat is facing the sea . Awesome nehh ~Lelele 

The appetizer . its a kind of fish , idk what fish . LOL

Second and third appetizer . no idea what they called too . 

Preserved Egg . Too salty for me .

Err idk what is this . I just dun like it . Literally dishes here is pretty weird that you dont know what are eating . Hahaha !

Erm ... i seriously dunno what is it . Taste like fish but soft as tofu . IDK lahh ~

I cant wait to eat them all ! 

The tang lung can actually spin . Hahaha this is what happens when tech combine with culture !

The portrait is actually quite freaky . 

waiting for the main course ...

What took it so long ? Im fungry !!

Nah , now u see they are spinning ~ 

Okay the fun part , u notice the poster on the ceiling & those crystal chandeliers ? Spot something to laugh with ? HAHAHAHA

Hello ? Are we forgotten ? Im gonna faint .

As u can see my expression is really really HUNGRY and DESPERATE 

Their signature dish - special roasted chicken or duck . Not sure is duck or chicken . But it tastes very NICE

You can fold it like a popiah with it . 

And im hungry now ... UGHHHH !

 Here comes the main course . I must says that this rice is really special . Different from others and very natural

Erm ... idk this either . But its abit sweet and sour .

This is the spicy fish bla bla ~ idk the name. VERY SPICY !

Dessert - Sorry lost focus, my bad !  :( 

The awards they had won . Asia's Finest Restaurant 2010/2011

The entrance 

 Outside there, chill bar ! 

Till then, the port ~

The restaurant is worth to go with reasonable price. I will go again for sure to try another set meal. It is located at Pengkalan Weld there.

Address : Tanjong City Marina, Church Street Pier, 8A Pengkalan Weld(next to QEII On The Sea)

Phone Number : 604-2612611

Hello !

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