Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its Y2S2 and im soooooo effing busy that i hardly got time to shit ! Recently, me and my gang joined YTLC StudentPreneurship Training where we have to compete with other universities. 

Today we went to the training , so much fun that they actually analyze what kind of person you are. We met a lot of people , very fun that they teach you how to advertise , what kind of tactics to use in the market .... so much more ! Especially they have free meals for u ! Weeee hoo !

 Tomorrow same time 9 am - 6pm again ~ Im quite excited for it because the staff said it will be an outdoor activities tomorrow. They also get us to improve our personal grooming so we have to make up & take photos. 

Photo ? Okay i will upload it as soon as possible !

Ciao! Nites XOXO


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