Digital Perm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like i always wanted to ~ Wavy Hair compare to the dull straight boring hair for the past 19 years. Yeah Allen get me a digital perm at Clique .

Tadaaa , nothing about it but it need times to adapt to it :]  Some says i look like poodle, some says i look like auntie . Arghh i dun care : P   The reason why i take digital perm instead of normal perm because digital perm can create more wavy and loosen hair compare to normal perm. However this hair only last for several months. It costs me RM200 for it . Hell yeah ~ 

Digital perm wont damage your hair anyway . Still looking good but a little bit frizzy . 

The hairstylist is suggesting me to dye my hair . Yeah highlight in 2 tone ~ I will do that in December . Yeap :]

Lastly i end my post with a photo of Allen :]


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