Digital Perm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like i always wanted to ~ Wavy Hair compare to the dull straight boring hair for the past 19 years. Yeah Allen get me a digital perm at Clique .

Tadaaa , nothing about it but it need times to adapt to it :]  Some says i look like poodle, some says i look like auntie . Arghh i dun care : P   The reason why i take digital perm instead of normal perm because digital perm can create more wavy and loosen hair compare to normal perm. However this hair only last for several months. It costs me RM200 for it . Hell yeah ~ 

Digital perm wont damage your hair anyway . Still looking good but a little bit frizzy . 

The hairstylist is suggesting me to dye my hair . Yeah highlight in 2 tone ~ I will do that in December . Yeap :]

Lastly i end my post with a photo of Allen :]


Friday, November 12, 2010

Tired of having slow internet services ?

 Frustrated with slow loading pages ?

If you says yes , then you should really scream YES

What is YES

YES is from YTL Communications ( subsidiary and the communication utility of YTL Power International)

YES brings you the fastest 4G Mobile Internet with Voice now in Malaysia because amazing things happens when you say "YES"!


Do you know this FREE Internet access is only for UTARIANS? Every month, you get to enjoy 300MB free! You don't need to pay any activation fee at all! Just go to your UTAR Portal > My Account > My Email to check the YES email blast! Activate them and you can access this FREE service till YOU GRADUATE!

Spread the news, tell your friends because this deal is specially only for UTARIANS

My Team - YES Hydra ! Do support us yeah :]

We are the studentpreneur for YES

Any inquries feel free to contact us ! 

More information about YES

The details of YES will launched on 19th of November 2010 ! Stay Tune ! 


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its Y2S2 and im soooooo effing busy that i hardly got time to shit ! Recently, me and my gang joined YTLC StudentPreneurship Training where we have to compete with other universities. 

Today we went to the training , so much fun that they actually analyze what kind of person you are. We met a lot of people , very fun that they teach you how to advertise , what kind of tactics to use in the market .... so much more ! Especially they have free meals for u ! Weeee hoo !

 Tomorrow same time 9 am - 6pm again ~ Im quite excited for it because the staff said it will be an outdoor activities tomorrow. They also get us to improve our personal grooming so we have to make up & take photos. 

Photo ? Okay i will upload it as soon as possible !

Ciao! Nites XOXO

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