Saturday, October 9, 2010

My loves one bought me some souvenirs all the way from Malacca & Seremban . He did enjoy the trip well and im grumbling at home with this laptop ! He bought me a funny car tag . Trust me , this is not me . "Hahaha You are right where you belong , behind me ! " This is so HIM ! I asked him to simply pick one nice and funny and he picked this, speechless . I'm still hesitating to put it or not , im afraid might get punched or screwed by others . Hahaha but at the same time , i don't want to disappoint him - See , dilemma again !

He bought me name tag holder , its a pair and we can use it in school . However if im not mistaken i think Jason did owned one . Hope you dont mind  :(

The happiest thing is he spotted a zebra singlet for me . YES ! Soo effing happy and i look like a BIG FAT ZEBRA when i wear it . Duhhhhh .

The Malacca local food , CB (Chicken Biscuit, not foul word ) Taste horrible and it is pricy ! 

Nothing simple but little lovely gift from you is more than enough  


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