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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yeah , i changed my blog layout .

How do you like it now ? Huh ? 

Well i like it lots lots . Simply nice and truly inspired by Ashley Tisdale . I do create a special banner for my Poop Pee blog . My mom loves it , thank god :)  At least i did some effort in it . 

My life is full of dilemma . I dont know which to choose . My mom and dad has been asking me about DSLR . Im still confused of which to buy . I mean seriously i do love to take photo , but how long will it lasts ? My passion don't stays long except in designing and learning . As the elders said, Panas Panas Tahi Ayam . Yes im exactly the type of person . Never feel contented . Being adventurous and curious . Imma good girl , dont want to spend too much money on it . I wish to learn some photography skill , but do i really need one ? And thinking of spending so much money of my parents , i do feel guilty . Endless demand but limited money :( 

I wanted to buy a DSLR and master it so when i go travel, i can capture every lovely moments especially next year im going Bali with my buddies . Then , if the plan goes well , we will be going to Australia in the end of next year . See ? I will be spending some money again . Then , Year 3 im thinking to buy a Macbook . Okay , if my sister willing to give out her Macbook and i dont mind to take it . Its pretty good and work fine with Photoshop. Daddy is giving my sister's car to me , think about it , service and all sort of thing is gonna be a huge amount . He is gonna change the whole thing include cushion . My parents do sacrifice a lot for me . I love you guys a lot . I have to admit that they loves my pets even more . Hahahah ! Thats true .

So back to the topic , Should i buy a DSLR ? If yes , pick beginner or semi pro ? If no , please slap me till i awake and hypnotize me that DSLR is a piece of rubbish . Thank you . 

Besides, im very interested in Nikon D7000  ~~ Don't kill me , i know im greedy =\
Or maybe i should stick back to D90 .

Daddy asked me to buy Canon but ................. *erm erm* Take a look at this breathtaking camera first .

Review of Nikon D7000 - Click here !


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