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Monday, October 18, 2010


Yes she is my mommy . so funny that she addicted to Facebook . She plays Cafe World , Farm Ville , Fashion World , Baking Life and so on ~ 

Guess what ? Her Fashion World's level ? 82 Lvl ....  /sweat

She started to play this chat box thingy and request me to help her . 


Going back tomorrow to the dead land , Kampar . At the same time , i feel excited to meet my crazy horny gang . Hell lot of stories to here ~ I bet they hardly can recognize me now . I've living in heaven for 3 weeks in my hometown . Eat Play Sleep . YESH .

At the same time , i cheer because my car is here however its still under service . Well , dont expect too much , its Proton Wira from my sister . I don't mind at all because im okay with whatever car as long as it is AUTO . Say Oh Yeah ! I finally can get my ass of from hot stuffy bus ! 

But gotta wait 2 weeks and im excited about it ! /XD

Next semester, i will be learning French language . Ginny and I are truly sacrifice a lot for this language because the class at Saturday till 7 pm . Please make sure that is a good lecturer & tutor . Don't disappoint me . 

Au Revoir  :] /bye


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