Hair Cut Again

Friday, October 15, 2010

Went for a hair cut out of sudden . Allen that fella kidnap me to no where but a new hair salon called CLIQUE . At first, i thought it would be some LALA hair salon because you should know that rural area like here usually have more LALAs than other places . Yeah ! 

So how to differentiate a LALA hair salon ?

First of all , you will listen a loudest music ever before you enter their shop. Yes ! Usually it would be techno or dance genre. They pump up the volume like nobody's business or are they deaf ? Its really noisy and annoying .

Second, you will see a person with multiple hair colours on her/his hair . Know what is the most irritating ? Men's hair with a long fringe that covers one of their eyes plus some golden blonde hair dye just for their fringe . I have to say it doesnt look cool but shitty . 

Okay back to the Clique Hair Salon . When i enter there , it gives me a very artistic feel . The design all over the wall / shop is simple with a lot of white space . Well, it looks spacious and tidy . The people are friendly as well . 

Oh , What music is that ? They played rock & indie British music . Damn good and relax weh ! The people their wear COCO Chanel Tee . Well, i don't know whether is it authentic but they still look cool with it . 

 Looking gooood ~
[ sources : Clique ]

[ sources : Clique ]

 [ sources : Clique ]

 [ sources : Clique ]

Crystal Beaded Curtains

The idea was good to put a frame on the LCD . Hah ! Creative :) 
[ Its showing E!News - Naomi Campbell ]

And yes , this is my hair cut . Its more neat now 

Wash & Cut   :)

Like he always do , SO VAIN !

Well, nice leather sofa right ?
 Guess how much ?
RM3000 ?
Its RM10,000 ! From Morpheus Design

What the hell is he thinking ? Hahaha

Other than that , Fendi cushion covers .

Well, im not sure is it authentic again . 

How do you like me now ? /blush

Also, it has a review on FEMALE Magazines too :) 

So who is the that ? Okay , He is Koon Chan from KL-based interior design firm, Morpheus Design, with custom-made furniture & designer from Minolti, Achille Castiglioni & Philippe Starek thrown in. He switch to hairdressing after spending 8 years learning the ropes from top salons in KL .

They use renowned brands like L'Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase, Joico and Nioxin. 

So guess how much for that ?

Expensive ?

 Hell no ! My hair cut ( Wash + Cut ) for only RM25 !!

How affordable is that ?? 

Cuts range from RM25 to RM45 , colour from RM65 to Rm300, and treatments from RM50 to RM250

Come and give a try now . But its located at Teluk Intan !


Source : Female Magazine


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