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Sunday, October 10, 2010

UNICEF - Raise Your Hand , Stop Child Abuse .

According to UNICEF, Malaysia has been reported an increasing number of reported child abuse cases in these few years . There are a lot of victims out there don't have the voice to speak up for themselves , the United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF) is launching the ' Get On Board' campaign to increase public awareness about the devastating effects of child abuse.

Many people get the wrong perception about child abuse . Do you know that not only physical violence is consider as abuse , it also included emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect . These are hidden from sight and so people did not notice it and take action in helping the children.

Don't ever think that only bad people will abuse children . There are a lot of abusers are parents or adults who struggling with drugs , alcohol , health and personal problems. It can happens in anywhere regardless of their background , economic status, religion and culture. 

Please do the right thing . C'm on get on board and stop child abuse !

Take your precious 5 minutes and show support -

You can design your hand to show support !

And this is my hand . Different colours means all of the nations stand together and fight for child abuse. A scribble love at the middle is show your love to them :)

Oklah , i know my drawing and idea sucks ~ however please do support and share it ! 
Visit for more information

Nuffnangers can change the ads preferences to "Show Charity Ads" to share 
UNICEF Get On Board 
Even though you'll not be paid for displaying the charity ads, it would really helpful in spreading the awareness about this campaign to all of your friends, family and visitors :D
Reference : UNICEF  


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