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Monday, October 11, 2010

Curling your hair is like the hardest decision ever . You should know , one wrong curl can destroy your whole image . You may look younger or worst is look older instantly . So please let me get a nice curl hair . My hair is like a old history book - BORING ! My mom always complain "stop damaging your hair la" . "You look so effin fat somemore put this put that style , so fugly " . What the hell , She always pour cold water to me . Never encourage me to curl my hair . And i decided to curl it ~ Lalala ! Hello ?!? Im 19 going 20 years old ! I bet she will nag nag nag after i curl my hair ~ You very rich ah ? Always scream for poor then ran to curl your hair . Blah blah blah ~ 

Duhhh I dont care but still respect her . I will tell her that i had curl my hair right after i've done it . HAHAHAHA
Rebellious-nyeee ~ 

Okay , so i decided to curl this hairstyle 


Nah,  Just kidding ~ Allen came out with this hairstyle . Im totally speechless .

Japanese Curl ? 

Actually this hairstyle look kinda cute , but i don't it fits my personality . 

So, i think i will go for Wavy hair style ? I like messy style which suits my boho style . Ngek Ngek Ngek ~

Okay , so im gonna go and search for perfect salon for my perfect wavy hair ! 


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