Thursday, October 21, 2010

So whats up guys ? Im soooo tremendously busy recently ! New semester , plus its short semester . Will be kinda busy to do assignments . Well, we had been assigned to do a MV in Creative Strategy classes. Yes, we picked Vogue - Madonna !

 It seems to be the easiest among others , however it ain't easy at all ! God ! We've been practicing the dance and stage setting . Thanks to Jason's 550D which have HD ~ So we can get a very high definition video  :) Wee hoo ! Somehow , we did enjoy the procedure during the practicing and discussion . Well , we will finish this video within this week . Cheers! I will uploaded here to let u guys enjoy . So weeeee , wish me good luck and wish u have a nice day !

Hereby, Photo of the Day :

Spotted ! Jo & Mel

My first sunset shot in Kampar . Newbie on the block ! 
Teach me teach me . Im a noob , truly & officially .


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