Vogue - Madonna [ Parody ]

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Check out this funny parody i found ! Lol its by Madonna - Vogue ! I bet you guys will laugh your ass out !  Spread it ya  :)

Its part of my assignments ! I will upload some behind scenes photo ! 

Be right back  :]


Thursday, October 21, 2010

So whats up guys ? Im soooo tremendously busy recently ! New semester , plus its short semester . Will be kinda busy to do assignments . Well, we had been assigned to do a MV in Creative Strategy classes. Yes, we picked Vogue - Madonna !

 It seems to be the easiest among others , however it ain't easy at all ! God ! We've been practicing the dance and stage setting . Thanks to Jason's 550D which have HD ~ So we can get a very high definition video  :) Wee hoo ! Somehow , we did enjoy the procedure during the practicing and discussion . Well , we will finish this video within this week . Cheers! I will uploaded here to let u guys enjoy . So weeeee , wish me good luck and wish u have a nice day !

Hereby, Photo of the Day :

Spotted ! Jo & Mel

My first sunset shot in Kampar . Newbie on the block ! 
Teach me teach me . Im a noob , truly & officially .

Homey Mommy

Monday, October 18, 2010


Yes she is my mommy . so funny that she addicted to Facebook . She plays Cafe World , Farm Ville , Fashion World , Baking Life and so on ~ 

Guess what ? Her Fashion World's level ? 82 Lvl ....  /sweat

She started to play this chat box thingy and request me to help her . 


Going back tomorrow to the dead land , Kampar . At the same time , i feel excited to meet my crazy horny gang . Hell lot of stories to here ~ I bet they hardly can recognize me now . I've living in heaven for 3 weeks in my hometown . Eat Play Sleep . YESH .

At the same time , i cheer because my car is here however its still under service . Well , dont expect too much , its Proton Wira from my sister . I don't mind at all because im okay with whatever car as long as it is AUTO . Say Oh Yeah ! I finally can get my ass of from hot stuffy bus ! 

But gotta wait 2 weeks and im excited about it ! /XD

Next semester, i will be learning French language . Ginny and I are truly sacrifice a lot for this language because the class at Saturday till 7 pm . Please make sure that is a good lecturer & tutor . Don't disappoint me . 

Au Revoir  :] /bye

Model Wannabe

Sunday, October 17, 2010



@YenYee , Stay Tune !  :P

Hair Cut Again

Friday, October 15, 2010

Went for a hair cut out of sudden . Allen that fella kidnap me to no where but a new hair salon called CLIQUE . At first, i thought it would be some LALA hair salon because you should know that rural area like here usually have more LALAs than other places . Yeah ! 

So how to differentiate a LALA hair salon ?

First of all , you will listen a loudest music ever before you enter their shop. Yes ! Usually it would be techno or dance genre. They pump up the volume like nobody's business or are they deaf ? Its really noisy and annoying .

Second, you will see a person with multiple hair colours on her/his hair . Know what is the most irritating ? Men's hair with a long fringe that covers one of their eyes plus some golden blonde hair dye just for their fringe . I have to say it doesnt look cool but shitty . 

Okay back to the Clique Hair Salon . When i enter there , it gives me a very artistic feel . The design all over the wall / shop is simple with a lot of white space . Well, it looks spacious and tidy . The people are friendly as well . 

Oh , What music is that ? They played rock & indie British music . Damn good and relax weh ! The people their wear COCO Chanel Tee . Well, i don't know whether is it authentic but they still look cool with it . 

 Looking gooood ~
[ sources : Clique ]

[ sources : Clique ]

 [ sources : Clique ]

 [ sources : Clique ]

Crystal Beaded Curtains

The idea was good to put a frame on the LCD . Hah ! Creative :) 
[ Its showing E!News - Naomi Campbell ]

And yes , this is my hair cut . Its more neat now 

Wash & Cut   :)

Like he always do , SO VAIN !

Well, nice leather sofa right ?
 Guess how much ?
RM3000 ?
Its RM10,000 ! From Morpheus Design

What the hell is he thinking ? Hahaha

Other than that , Fendi cushion covers .

Well, im not sure is it authentic again . 

How do you like me now ? /blush

Also, it has a review on FEMALE Magazines too :) 

So who is the that ? Okay , He is Koon Chan from KL-based interior design firm, Morpheus Design, with custom-made furniture & designer from Minolti, Achille Castiglioni & Philippe Starek thrown in. He switch to hairdressing after spending 8 years learning the ropes from top salons in KL .

They use renowned brands like L'Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase, Joico and Nioxin. 

So guess how much for that ?

Expensive ?

 Hell no ! My hair cut ( Wash + Cut ) for only RM25 !!

How affordable is that ?? 

Cuts range from RM25 to RM45 , colour from RM65 to Rm300, and treatments from RM50 to RM250

Come and give a try now . But its located at Teluk Intan !


Source : Female Magazine

Curl / Straight / Wavy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Curling your hair is like the hardest decision ever . You should know , one wrong curl can destroy your whole image . You may look younger or worst is look older instantly . So please let me get a nice curl hair . My hair is like a old history book - BORING ! My mom always complain "stop damaging your hair la" . "You look so effin fat somemore put this put that style , so fugly " . What the hell , She always pour cold water to me . Never encourage me to curl my hair . And i decided to curl it ~ Lalala ! Hello ?!? Im 19 going 20 years old ! I bet she will nag nag nag after i curl my hair ~ You very rich ah ? Always scream for poor then ran to curl your hair . Blah blah blah ~ 

Duhhh I dont care but still respect her . I will tell her that i had curl my hair right after i've done it . HAHAHAHA
Rebellious-nyeee ~ 

Okay , so i decided to curl this hairstyle 


Nah,  Just kidding ~ Allen came out with this hairstyle . Im totally speechless .

Japanese Curl ? 

Actually this hairstyle look kinda cute , but i don't it fits my personality . 

So, i think i will go for Wavy hair style ? I like messy style which suits my boho style . Ngek Ngek Ngek ~

Okay , so im gonna go and search for perfect salon for my perfect wavy hair ! 

Get On Board

Sunday, October 10, 2010

UNICEF - Raise Your Hand , Stop Child Abuse .

According to UNICEF, Malaysia has been reported an increasing number of reported child abuse cases in these few years . There are a lot of victims out there don't have the voice to speak up for themselves , the United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF) is launching the ' Get On Board' campaign to increase public awareness about the devastating effects of child abuse.

Many people get the wrong perception about child abuse . Do you know that not only physical violence is consider as abuse , it also included emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect . These are hidden from sight and so people did not notice it and take action in helping the children.

Don't ever think that only bad people will abuse children . There are a lot of abusers are parents or adults who struggling with drugs , alcohol , health and personal problems. It can happens in anywhere regardless of their background , economic status, religion and culture. 

Please do the right thing . C'm on get on board and stop child abuse !

Take your precious 5 minutes and show support -

You can design your hand to show support !

And this is my hand . Different colours means all of the nations stand together and fight for child abuse. A scribble love at the middle is show your love to them :)

Oklah , i know my drawing and idea sucks ~ however please do support and share it ! 
Visit for more information

Nuffnangers can change the ads preferences to "Show Charity Ads" to share 
UNICEF Get On Board 
Even though you'll not be paid for displaying the charity ads, it would really helpful in spreading the awareness about this campaign to all of your friends, family and visitors :D
Reference : UNICEF  

Two Wet Piece

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its summer , dont u think to get into the deep blue water or get ur skin tanned ? Yes , Pantaibella swimwear the very first collection of bikini. Pantaibella is founded by KayCsie which is produced and made in Bali . Its unique , flirty and original ~ Truly inspired by the colours of fun

We understand that women's swimwear is all about styles, designs, and fit. We offer avant-garde swimsuits for trendy women. The classic triangles, hipster bottoms, Brazilian cuts, ruffles and etc have all the undergone changes to present a women’s swimwear collection that is going to cause a splash in 2011.

There are more creative and colourful designs coming up in the end of this year!

We look forward to hearing your feedbacks on our first small collection.

For more information and purchases, please email us via Facebook or at

Besides, we are very lucky to have Erica Ocampo to be Pantaibella model. She is effin hot . Pssst ~ smokin hot ! 
Well , dont she look familiar ? She is actually the girl in red dress in the music video for Far East Movement‘s hit single “Like a G6″?

Notice the hottie in the red dress? That is Erica Ocampo !

White Moroccan
Style: Bandeau/Classic Bottom

Dirty Pink Lady
Style: Beaded Bandeau / Side-tie Bottom
( My fav !)

Style: Green Camo

(Back) Green Camo

Style: Navy Ruffles

White Moroccan

Lady Ruffles
Style: Black/White Ruffles
(Also Available in Black/Orange Ruffles)

Sweet Camo
Style: Classic Triangle / Double Side-tie Bottom

Erica Lynn Ocampo is a half-Filipina and half-French model, actress, and make-up artist from Los Angeles. She began modeling and acting , became MAC makeup artist, according to her bio data on her website. She was featured in L.A Woman & Transworld Surf magazine . Awesome right ? 
So if you do interested in Pantaibella's bikini , feel free to contact us . 
Good quality with reasonable price . Don't you worry ! /hmm

Gadget Updates

Daddy update Canon 60D with me .
Daddy suggested Canon 60D 18-135mm for me . 

Nikon D7000 haven't released yet . Grrrrrr ~ 

He also said that would be more exy than 60D,  around 4-5k . 

That is beyond my budget la . I don't need so pro camera for noob like me .

Take D90 larrrrrrrr ~ i guess ? /floor


My loves one bought me some souvenirs all the way from Malacca & Seremban . He did enjoy the trip well and im grumbling at home with this laptop ! He bought me a funny car tag . Trust me , this is not me . "Hahaha You are right where you belong , behind me ! " This is so HIM ! I asked him to simply pick one nice and funny and he picked this, speechless . I'm still hesitating to put it or not , im afraid might get punched or screwed by others . Hahaha but at the same time , i don't want to disappoint him - See , dilemma again !

He bought me name tag holder , its a pair and we can use it in school . However if im not mistaken i think Jason did owned one . Hope you dont mind  :(

The happiest thing is he spotted a zebra singlet for me . YES ! Soo effing happy and i look like a BIG FAT ZEBRA when i wear it . Duhhhhh .

The Malacca local food , CB (Chicken Biscuit, not foul word ) Taste horrible and it is pricy ! 

Nothing simple but little lovely gift from you is more than enough  

Skin Changed

Yeah , i changed my blog layout .

How do you like it now ? Huh ? 

Well i like it lots lots . Simply nice and truly inspired by Ashley Tisdale . I do create a special banner for my Poop Pee blog . My mom loves it , thank god :)  At least i did some effort in it . 

My life is full of dilemma . I dont know which to choose . My mom and dad has been asking me about DSLR . Im still confused of which to buy . I mean seriously i do love to take photo , but how long will it lasts ? My passion don't stays long except in designing and learning . As the elders said, Panas Panas Tahi Ayam . Yes im exactly the type of person . Never feel contented . Being adventurous and curious . Imma good girl , dont want to spend too much money on it . I wish to learn some photography skill , but do i really need one ? And thinking of spending so much money of my parents , i do feel guilty . Endless demand but limited money :( 

I wanted to buy a DSLR and master it so when i go travel, i can capture every lovely moments especially next year im going Bali with my buddies . Then , if the plan goes well , we will be going to Australia in the end of next year . See ? I will be spending some money again . Then , Year 3 im thinking to buy a Macbook . Okay , if my sister willing to give out her Macbook and i dont mind to take it . Its pretty good and work fine with Photoshop. Daddy is giving my sister's car to me , think about it , service and all sort of thing is gonna be a huge amount . He is gonna change the whole thing include cushion . My parents do sacrifice a lot for me . I love you guys a lot . I have to admit that they loves my pets even more . Hahahah ! Thats true .

So back to the topic , Should i buy a DSLR ? If yes , pick beginner or semi pro ? If no , please slap me till i awake and hypnotize me that DSLR is a piece of rubbish . Thank you . 

Besides, im very interested in Nikon D7000  ~~ Don't kill me , i know im greedy =\
Or maybe i should stick back to D90 .

Daddy asked me to buy Canon but ................. *erm erm* Take a look at this breathtaking camera first .

Review of Nikon D7000 - Click here !

New Blog

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I got my pets a new blog , as it is requested by my mom

Basically its all about pet stuff , my dog's life ~ funny things .

Its their life , their stories

Funny things always happen around my dogs .

I love them .

Im truly a dogs lover , can u believe it now ?

Do visit it always ;]

Famous Fish Ball Stall

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is Teluk Intan most famous Fish Ball Rat's Tail Noodle stall .

everyday the fish ball and noodle 9 am confirm finish !
Everything is handmade .
Soup + Fish Ball + Rat's Tail Noodle
100% handmade :)
Located at Jalan Pasar

its upside down ... hahaha look like hell , but taste like heaven !
Yummy !!!!
After that , we went to a park and take a walk :]

And so this is teluk intan ( just a part of it )

Shy Shy !

Hello !

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