Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've been e-shopping recently . Just so you know that its hard to trust e-mall because you cant touch and see it literally like physical item . Just shop based on those photo . The outcome/item could be soooo different with the photo . So , let see whether i got cheated by those photo ? I can tell you that i bought these rubbish for rm60++

Finally arrived safely yesterday :)

Don't you feel exciting to unbox "present" ?
Okay , i bought myself a Tie-Dye Leggings

HOT stuff ! I like it lotss lotss but i look extremely fat with those leggings .
So gotta get slim like SERIOUSLY

Airy Curl Styler , which i haven't use it yet . Will post about it after i used it :)
But still i dun have much high expectation on it . Its just plastic .

If it doesnt have much effect on my hair , i think i will give it to Ginny for her to masturbation . She is always that horny . Damn . Only IF ! Hahahaha

Next is the Upper Hand Shaper , use it while u are working out ~

Well ,i havent used it yet , will post about it next time :)
But i can tell you that when u wear it , u can feel heatness .

Seems okayy for meee , As i have those butterfly arms that is extremely ugly when u wear sleeveless shirt .

This is literally a rubbish for me . HAHAHA im dumb .
You put it tightly on ur waist or thighs when you work out . Oh please what material is it ?

Its actually a plastic book cover material . A much more durable type . Ughhh !

Tomorrow i will try to wear this thing out for a jog . See whether it works or not .

Alumi Curl Cap . Use it when u have the cute little curler that u put on hair . Then u blow it with hair dryer . Okay , i havent try it yet . LOL
It works like this .

Free Gift :

Cute little 2 headbands . i like it but not the colours . Pink and purple ? Ughh not my style
But i like headbands nowadays . simply good looking !
End .


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