Are You Moist Enough ?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are you moist enough ?

Here, let me explain 3 basic skin care steps .

Step 1 : Cleansing

Its a very important key to keep your skin clean so that dirts wont clog pores.

Use warm water to loosen dirt .

Choose a creamer cleanser if you have dry skin .

Step 2 : Exfoliating

Exfoliation is the step that most people skip in their weekly skincare routine.

But if you start to exfoliate your skin properly , trust me you will notice an immediate difference.

Don't scrub too hard because it might damage your skin .

Step 3 : Moisturizing
Basically , everyone need moisturize even babies ! It is a basic law of beauty ~
It is not water that keeps the skin from feeling dry.
Rather it is Vitamin A, E and Minerals which you can found in Vaseline Total Moisture lotion !

Vitamin A & E can maintain your skin feeling soft all day long .

It hydrates and replenishes your skin .

You might think that " Ewww lotion ! so oily and greasy "


You wont feel greasy or uncomfortable .

My advice :

Use Vaseline lotion right after you took your shower .

Your skin can absorb the lotion faster and you can feel instant smoothness with Vaseline Total Moisture.

Vaseline Total Moisture now is 10X more moisture !

Its a brilliant cream that helps dry skin !

Now you can have smooth skin just like me :)

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