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Monday, September 27, 2010

Recent i've been hooked up with this acid wash / tie up jeans . man that is really cool .
I used to be a really casual person . I wear polo tee and shorts . Casual and simple . Me likey !
Till then, im obsessed with Bohemian style . Well im still into it now .
Just an extra additional personal favorite : Hippie Rocker style ? That is sooo cool !

I've been trying out for those acid wash jeans , too bad Allen critics and said you have a giant legs . Okay i admit . Workout ! Then i will buy it like asap ! :)

And i bought a new shirt , girls will never stop shopping till the last breath .

Allen actually said my leg look like burnt . Speechless ~

Have u any idea where to wear this ? You know im that type of "humble" person !
Just kidding .


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