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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I know im lateeeee ~
Im abit outdated one ~
surprisingly, i like it ... the whole movie give me a very familiar feel ... maybe i live in rural area so i recall back these memories ... The Penang part reminds me of going back to P.Pangkor ... The scenery as well as the decoration of the house reminds me of my grandpa house ..... The cabinet , floor , table even calendar ..... look so familiar ~ i miss my grandpa ~~

The characters in the movie oso very funny especially " White Prince " reminds me of a friend of mine , Jonathan Sew .... Love the typical specs and typical hair gel and hairstyles ... loves to act cool ~~

Recall back my memories in P.Pangkor ~ Swimming around , catch small crabs with brother , feed chicken by holding worms with my bare hands , miss the sound of grandpa's motor and i sit in front of him ~ Such a beautiful memories ... i miss the house in Pangkor .... Inside the house got a well too ... very special yet antique ~

Back to here ...

I woke up 5 am early in the morning .. great ! i went to a nearby market and bought some fried bihun ~ It only costs RM1 ~~~ very tasty with a homemade chili sauce ! i bought 3 packs for my daddy and mommy ... Then i met my grandma chatting with her friendss ... i havent visit her for too long , she barely can recognize me ... sadly i seldom visit her .... i have a social problem when dealing with elders ... i dont know what to say to them ~ thats why my sister always say im anti-social ... i rarely heart to heart talk with my sister and brother ... i dont know ~ im shy ? i guess its my problem ... i dont know communicate well lar ~ Okayy back to topic .... i wanted to watch "The Crazies" the zombie-like movie !!!

Anyone is with me ???


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