KK's 20th Birthday Partayyy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

No doubt he is getting older , aha 20 years old right now .. we are all grown up , kinda bored of celebration . However we prefer something warmth and simple . So we decided to go for steamboat at his house .

Due to my tooth problem , i swallow everything i could ~ hahaha ! but they did prepare tofu for me . yeaps ! Also we did give him a surprise at the end for lying him we have curfew to go bck before 12 am . then we simply give him a piece of cake and blow the candle . goodbye !

Wait ...

that is not the end yet .

Then all of us drove bck to Allen's house to take the real cake for him . Jonathan and Veeiean climb into his house and woke up his dad . The point is we ask his dad to "shhhhhh !! dun tell , we are looking for KK " his dad facial expression is like =______= Of course we did a great job for surprising him with a whole piece cake ~ u know we love ya !

Happy Birthday KK !

Also , we are playing with lomo ~
okay my image gone ..........

Ice cream cake ~
Yummy !

Do i look like Gan Su Wen here ? LOL

How sweeeeeet ~~~

will upload other photo soon . =))


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