Monday, December 14, 2009


This is where those bacteria stay ~ those hole hole hole

Ong choy water spinach which known as Kangkung contained lots of bacteria . So recommend you all to wash properly and cooked it till memang memang sudah masak ! Strongly not recommend you all eat kangkung in some restaurant . Because got lots of harmful bacteria !


By the way, Alicia Keys - The Element Of Freedom is really nice . Go hear hear hear !

Thursday dinner , Going Or Not ? @.@

My laptop is back ! Windows 7 is really weird lah ~ Anyway thanks to Alvix for helping me to format for FREE ! Heeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee ~

You know im poor ! Really poor !!!

Also , i get myself scared by this video from Animal Planet . I watched one of the Lost Tapes which is about Octopus In Lake Of Oklahoma last week . Eh , its REAL STORY !! The people really disappeared and in the newspaper . The video is recorded there by them . If not mistaken 3 of the bodies havent found yet and 2 survived . The story is that the people go to the lake and have fun , for some reason they argued and one of the people get angry and leave the boat by going to another boat . But in the middle , his boat capsized then he fall into the water and gone . The friend saw it and jump into the lake and wanna rescue him , but still swim till half suddenly gone . Then ~ ~ ~ Actually this aint scary at all .

this is so much scarier !! She is infected with some mysterious illness . Like exorcist ~ Now im scared because aint movie , its real tape ! Yerrrr ~

Ready to watch this ? Click here -> Animal Planet - Lost Tapes - The Enemy Within

Gotta sleep then . XOXO

Last but not least , Happy Birthday To Allen ! =)))) What should i buy for you my dear friend ?


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