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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finally i bought myself a eyeliner gel that wont smudge easily from Sasa . Got discount 20% tats why i bought it ! Hehe ~ But the promoter told me that it didn provide brush unlike others . Then she suggest i buy another brush which cost rm19.90 ! then i was like okay lohh since got discount bcoz the normal price is rm24.90 . So i bought the Cybercolour eye liner gel + a brush = RM51.80 only ~ i think quite affordable . Then when i opened the box of eyeliner , i realised there is a brush provided . =_= " kena tipu ! But i realised that the brush really thick and not very nice to apply . So nevermind lah ~

I was first wanted to buy MAC or Bobbi Brown . When i try it and its really nice but still unwilling to spend RM100 + to buy a eye liner which i wont use it frequently . So i bought this and most important its really nice to use ! Year End Sales is waiting for me . Im sooooo wanted to shop right now ! I can shop 24/7 !!
Here is the photo of after apply the eye liner , mascara and fake eyelashes without photoshop
This is sooooooo unlike me ! So i wont blame u for doubting is this me ?

the differences !

My right eye is completely free from make up =))
See the HUGE differences ? So beware of lady who have thick make up ! Hahaha


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