Searching Study Mode

Monday, December 14, 2009

Im still searching for my study mode .

Yerrrrrrrr ~

I havent really started my revision .

Im going fall so badly for this sem .

Lagipun !

My dad just now asked me " Hey have u went Bangkok ? "

Then i think for a few minutes and said NO ! [ even though i went there before when i was still a child and he forgotten , this is because normally he asked so , then most probably is taking me to somewhere ! ]

After that , he said " Go there lah , now air line ticket so cheap ! "

My face was like TERKEJUT !

Whoa i owned freedom after all !!!!! FINALLY !!!!

He used to be said here dangerous , there dangerous , cannot go here no there !

Even follow school's trip , he will wait me there till he saw my teachers then only leave ~

Awwwwwww ~

you see you see !! How to study ? So many attractions !!!

Christmas lah , New Year lah , After New Year somemore got !

All i see now is $$$$$$$


Tomorrow go buy TOTO !!

[ p / s : Window 7 is so errrrmmm weird for me ]


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