Mua 19th Birthday !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ahh im so lazzy to blog right now , because i've been busying for website design and colour studies assignment . Back to birthday post . My friends have been thinking of giving me a surprise on my birthday . Well they did think their ass off . Hahaha !

We went to Ipoh , to take photo for assignment as well as celebrate my birthday . They did tell me that they wanted to celebrate my birthday but without any surprises , because they said no surprises is the surprise for u . =___=" We watched Twilight , Ughhhhh that was really boring but no choice . Moreover we were scolded by a bunch of secondary school students . Ahhh we are so unlucky to sit behind their seats . From the start to the end of the movie , they didnt laugh or talk even grumble .

After that, they brought me to mushroom corner hawker stall . There have lots of option and selection for dinner but its quite stuffy . I ate Nasi Kandar Kambing Special which costs RM6.80 ! Aduhhh ~ not worth ! Suddenly , Sheny bumped out and give me a piece of chocolate cake and a candle that cannot even light . Kelian ~ Then they sing birthday song loudly at the hawker stall . Imagine ~ Everyone who is eating their dinner look at me .

Then , they said its stuffy here and decided to go to ice cream lounge . But they brought me no where and its quite far till i know they brought me to Breeze Cafe . The ambience and environment there is really good . We play Stake , Mahjong and Cards . Stake is really exciting !

Ginny . The Twitter Maniac .
Trio. SingEe's BF + Sheny

I think he is bored and fall asleep .
SingEe ~
Sheny . My Lesbi Gay GF !

Miko .
Ashleey . The Queen Of Mascara
Joyi . The Vacuum Cleaner
Jason .
Miacco ~
Vandalism . Hahaha
Challenging ~
To Be Continue ... [ My surprise ]

Summi !! He is so cute when he met a grasshopper .

And he ate it . Burp*


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