Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday went to Seng Le's bday partayy , turn out into a gaining weight event . Darn i ate a lot ! Plus im soo hungry that i ate raw ham . Taste quite good . I hate waiting
 the chicken to be cooked , it took a loooong time esp when there are lack of charcoal and out of place ! So still prefer buffet ! Dont organize BBQ that often because we might just end up in hospital because of cancer ! Everyone refused to take photo because those oily oily faces and hair . Ewww ~ Dont even mention candid shot , everyone will close their faces looks like caught by police because of prostitution . Kelian ~ 
I bet all of my friends had studied because i havent ! I was wondering how to study Colour Studies with B/W photostat paper ? Aiyohh my laptop finally sedang di-format ! I was waiting this moment since sem 1 ! Bcoz my 3G RAM runs like 256 MB ! 
Just when i signed into my MSN messenger , someone name KLV , Kelvin added me . Then the conversations . BELOW 
So effing annoying . These people nowadays so damn free ? Jobless ? Ishh ... 

i miss my laptop ! I want to watch movies dramas !!!! 


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