Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today mommy asked " do you want a Nikon DSLR ? Maybe it will help in ur assignments ... "

I said " No need " , just dont want to be a spend thrift . I think im spoilt .

This is my desire but not my need .

Somehow why i feel bad when my parents allow me to buy anything or go anywhere .

Even they allow me to go NY for student exchange .

Im suprised you allow and willing to waste money for the extraordinary experience .

I still declined my dad because feel guilty because im not a good daughter and still want more and more.

Daddy mommy i love you guys lots .

I feel sorry when you guys spoilt me everything i want .

I should control my desire .

If only i achieved my target then i will reward myself something small .

I am learning .

I am glad i choose the right place for study just to stay a little more while weekends with u'all .

I am happy .

I love you mom and dad .

Wish you guys a belated Merry E-Xmas ! We are stepping into 2010 soon !

[p/s : Thanks daddy for help me killing a flying cockroach ]


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