Ewwwwww !!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Gross isnt it ? Yes i just killed 2 small cockroaches ... EWWWWWWW !!! The medium size appear in my bathroom !!! Whyyy in my room !!! Okay i know im messsy ~ but duh you guys dun have other houses to go ?? i will clean up and vacuum every single places !!!! Geeeeeeeee !!!!! Guys know where to buy Boric Acid ? Hmmm ~ I need a naphthalene too ~ You all are going to hell !!!!

I hate flying cockroaches !!!!!!!! Scary and im trying to overcome it !!


Friday, November 20, 2009

My foot .... Can u see the differences ? Left foot lil bit swollen . Okay i forgive u if u cant see the differences , because i cant see it too ! Haha ~ My condition is getting serious since Allen give me kick on my left foot then press on it . Im incapacitated .

What kind of attitude is this ? Playing LAN game in lecture class ? Btw im watching movie too =_=
Colour & Music Association exercise . nothing to do then jus simply draw . Dont you think its quite artistic . Hah ~ This is art , i guess ? teehee
Long long ago , we went Setiawan with Sing Ee to drive her bf, Trio back . Then Sheny and me go and have fun too ..
We are lost . The funny thing is SingEe lost in her hometown . Haha ~ and its getting dark . So she is quite nervous and scare , while im laughing syok sendiri capture photo .
Then she bought us tasty " Kong Pia " !!

A pond in her house ...
This should be the even long long ago post . Ah Mi's birthday ~ This is what we get for her birthday present . Sexayyyy ~~

L4D2 !!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Left4Dead 2 is out now .

Yes but its just the demo . Cant wait to play it .

New map .

New weapons especially the Tefal Pan .

Jeeez , i love that chemistry between Tefal Pan and Zombie , the sound effect " PIANG ! " .


Besides, there are new types of infected and melee weapons .

The staff in computer centre said we can have it next week ! Heeeeeheeeee , but one of our classmates already playing it ! Ahh ~ nvm i can wait !

You can check it the official website of L4D2 here .

Multimedia Tools Assignment .

Endless of assignments !

And this the assignment for multimedia tools where we have to design a comic book cover by using Illustrator and Photoshop . Well , im getting poor because it need good quality of printing . Not laser printing . Photo printing in A4 ! Sooo exy ~~~

I thought we have to draw by using illustrator , but actually it doesnt need it at all .


Before i knew it, i spent a day for drawing The Simpsons - Mafia version .

Then i changed my mind to L4D .

So , this is it . I think its quite ordinary because lack of time . I believe its hard to get high marks because its more than design , its more into idea .


Monday, November 16, 2009

nothing much to say .

Accidentally deleted my previous posts .


Last Last Week + Last Week

Went Ipoh for movies last last week and last week . Last last week , we went for Jennifer's body - that movie is terribly boring and lame ! Then last thursday , we went to Ipoh again for the 2012 once released ! Teeheee ~ the cinema is full with ppl~ seriously all fully booked , lucky us we did book a day before ! Phewww ~ Nex week , most probably we will go for Twilight : New Moon on thursday too and maybe Phobia 2 ~ Lucky us , every thursday definitely have several new movies to be released ... Heeheeee ~

SingEe & her bf , Trio ~~

Before we head to 2012 , we went for a mini concert which is Voice Of Utar .
She can sing very well !

What a "WATANFUL" night .........

He can sing even well !!!! SERIOUS . Applause for him !!!

JOYII !!!!!!! Dun nervous ...

Last but not least, SingEe ~

After that, we kidnapped Ashleey to Ipoh . Everyone wear nicely and she doesnt know anything at all . So she wear like going to mamak ~ Hahaha . We are the actress and actor ! We went to somewhere near Menglembu there for buffet + steamboat which is very worthy . All you can eat ! Got sushi , fish chop , chicken chop , mutton chop , beef chop , roasted duck , roasted chicken and many many many more !! The most important thing is Nestle's Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream !!

After that we present her a slice of Marble Cheesecake from Starbucks ! Surprisingly its even softer and smoother than Secret Recipe . We bought her a Majolica Mascara since she is very obsessed with mascara . I never see a day of her without mascara ! Ahaha ~

Poor girl let us trick you into something like this . Hahaha

After that, we went to Barbeza Bistro .

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