Weekends ~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went out shopping with mom , discussing on how to lose weight and end up with KFC ! I ordered the new shrimp bla bla ~ I cant believe it , it is so TINY ! It look so different from the ads i saw in newspaper and tvc ~ Aduh....the size kecil-nyeee ~

My bro came back and bring along his gf ~ Pretty cute and rich girl ! Everything she is using are branded stuff ~ * Drools * Wondering how my bro kidnap such cute yet rich girl home ... fishy ~



She bought us Karipap from Seremban ~ My bro said its very tasty and special ...

Then i found out , the specialty is there is an egg inside it ...

Zara grown up very fast huh ?
Big boy getting more handsome !

I was thinking to get a golden brown toy poodle ~ What do you think ?

Well , thank you sweet heart !


Hello !

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