Happy Ending

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday was another hectic day for us to finish AV's assignment ... Guess what ? we finished it on today at 7.30 am ... Sheny and Jason didnt even sleep because they need to go to queue up for PTPN loan things ~ While me and Ginny just tidy up those thing and go bck and sleep ~

Just when i finished cleaning my hand and feet to prepare to go a good good morning sleep , i recieved a call from Ah Mi to feed her little beagle, Summi ~ Okay 3 mins job , no problem...After that, i go and clean up myself again... Then i lay on my bed and thinking of why i couldnt sleep now ... After a while, finally i get sleepy and begin to get into my sweet dream.... I heard a irritating noise came right from the centre of the wall .... " BANG BANG BANG BING BING BING GEEE GEEE GEEE " im was totally entirely SPEECHLESS ! Living in hell ~

At 10.30am , Ginny called me and awaked me ~ We need to go to print the assignment ~ I really dying to lay on my bed just to sleep sleep sleep ~ Then we meet Ah Mi, Ashley, Sheny, Joyi and Jason at school.. We took lunch together and we go to de-stress by playing Left4Dead again ! 4 of us did not sleep for the whole day and even go to play these kind of games ... I thought i saw myself in the game because i look exactly like the zombie in the game ~ Huge black eye circle , pale face , sleepy eyes ....

Geez , i have to suffer such hectic day for 3 years .. Oh god !

Today didnt have discussion for assignment , feel kinda weird ~ we used to discuss our assignment and do it together after class or whenever we got time ... Well, maybe im just too lonely ~ Ginny asked us to wash car together, then we go to Jason's house and grab some tools... All i see is dark cloud and raindrops .... Ginny was pissed off and went back home .... Just after we went back home , the rain stopped ~! She get even angry ~ Poor girl , we promise to help u to wash car next week ~
Oh ya before that, we found a lost dog which is a Shih Tzu.. We named him Ah Lost because he is lost .... =_=" Ah Mi saw him wandering at the middle of the road .. its very dangerous ~ So once she informed us ... they went out and search for the doggie ~ while i am cooking dinner with pyjamas and a pair of chopstick on my hand ... When they came bck , they lied to me that they cant find it , then i just Owh ~ and continue cook my dinner ... Then they put him on the floor secretly ... Ahhh ~ FYI, this poor guy is lost ! look even lost in our house ... He got lotss of fur that i hate it so much ... The most important that is Ah Mi found out his penis is incredibly larger than Summi's ~ Summi must work hard to achieve such standard ... Ahahah just kidding !

Then five little cute and kind girls sat on Ah Mi's car and start to search for his home without any clue ... We yelled on every house " Anyone lost their dog ?!?!? A Shih Tzu is lost and up for grab ! " Then we started to focus on our house area and gate with a net cover ... Sheny is responsible to ask those household question while i holding Ah Lost and showed them the look of Ah Lost ... Ah Mi drive the car , Sing Ee help to look right hand side road ... Ginny help to look for Ah Mi's car while everybody is out .. Then finally we found his owner .... His owner ( Auntie ) dont even know that he ran away and his name is Mocca ! So, Mocca~~ Anyone ?
Feels good to help him to find back his owner ~ And to be honest, i dislike Shih Tzu ~

Random :
Went to Pizza Hut with Ah Mi, Sheny, Jason, Ginny and Allen last Thursday ... Im officially bankrupt yet they kidnapped me there to have my dinner ....

FYI , cheese powder is FOC !

I promise to bring more food to u all next time ~


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