Crazy Sunday

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Sunday , I was awaked by Seng Le, Allen, Jonathan and CK to have a breakfast with them ~ I suppose to go to Setiawan with my parents to bring Zara to have a body check ~ However , they plan to go Penang to have fun since Seng Le's mom is not around ~ So we can do whatever we want !

Seng Le's driving skill was horribly terrible ! Never ever sit the front sit because u might get heart attack ~ We went to Queensbay Megamall ~ We are super duper hungry , so i suggested to go to Sakae Sushi to eat since it is affordable ~

Of course, i will never go home without anything right ? As he said, this girl can SHOP ! I bought a pair of shoes and 3 funky tee ~ I love it love it love it ! I wish i have more time then i could try try try try ~

. the end .


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