Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its durian season ! Of course , we cant resist the delicious durian ! After class , Jason, Sheny, Ginny and me went to Pasar Malam ~ The smell of this durian attracted us to look for the stall , the price is reasonable and we bought it ! Hahaha this is a really good durian !!

After a couple weeks of struggling for this magazine assignment, finally we had completed it ! Just after we completed , we went to Island Red Cafe to take a break ... You wont know how stress we are for rushing so many assignments ! So how do you guys like our magazine ?

Just leave any comment ~

[ Sheny, Ginny and Jason Version ]

[ My version ! ]

Last Saturday, we have a presentation for Communication Skills , we are doing a campaign of SPCA... For additional marks in visual aid, we decided to go bck to my hometown to borrow Maia from my mom... Due to Jason need to shoot for TV commercial for Miko assignment , so we drove his car bck ~ It rain really heavily , we drove 40 km/h to 60 km/h ~ However , just when we almost arrived Kampar... Suddenly Jason's car become over heated ~ So we decided to let it cool down ~ Playing with Maia , discussing about assignment in the car ~ Then Sheny called her father ~ After that called Jason and Joyi ~ Unfortunately the fan had spoilt ~ so we afraid the engine might jam or stuck , so we decided jus stay aside for 1 hour and half ~ Fill up water ~ Still , we don know what to do till Jacky, Joyi and Jason came ~ Thank you thank you !!
Jason , we are so sorry for ur car ~ we dont know anything about it ...

stop by at a hindu temple

Ginny and Sheny checking out what is the problem ~

Little Maia also curious what is happening ~

My baby Zara has grown up ! Getting bigger ~ He had moved out from his cage .... only in the afternoon ! LOL he will still sleep inside our house at night ~ There is a little small house for him too ~ He is so adorable and i love him very much, but he will never stop biting us ~ He know how to sit already and he is only 2 months old !


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