The Achivement

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It was the perfect day for presentation because it is 5 pm to 6.30 pm ~ We can prepare everything nicely ...

Everyone is in black formal shirt ~ Well that was cool because half of the class wear black too =)

Then here come the first group for the presentation, their F&N print ads was good , nice photo ... however Miss Siva is being so straight forward and just ask question... I think the PT Foundation's print ads very good ~ That was really scary because we thought it will be more relaxing than others subject... She keep on ask this and that ... At the same time , i am soooo freaking scare because i scare she might ask question like how u get this and that ? Why u so confident of this ads ? Why we must choose u ? Do u know this and that ?

All of us is praying for god to help us ... We are the third group to present ... We gave the biggest smile to her before we present and hope everything will be okayy ...

Luckily she did not complain about us yet compliment us !!! Im so happy that she loves our TV commercial and said very good ! Then, she said our print ads was the best of all the classes ! She mean all the classes !! Yippie !!!!!!!!! the feeling was like pushing u towards the heaven ~ She didnt asked any question of it and very satisfy with our presentation and assignment ! Before she left , she even said Good Job ! We were like sooooo DAMN HAPPY and ran into the car and laugh !!! Scream all the way ! Woohooo !!!!!

Still im not contented with my editting skill ~ I still need lots of improvement as well as video editting ~ We did not have much tools for TVC ~ So im nt very satisfy with our TVC ~

We decide to celebrate it , so we went to Tesco and bought some sparkling juice to celebrate together ! Happiest moment ever ~

However, dont be too happy yet , because the worst is left behind ... Communicative English presentation ... Deal with the evil ~ Gotta fight till the end !


Do leave some comment on our print ads ~ Tq =D

We need improvement !

p/s : Dont ever look down on others , U r way too stereotyping on us ! Btw u sucks !


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