Tough Life

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life in degree not as enjoyable as i thought ... Every notes given is so simplfy till lack of information ... Lecturers are getting more selfish than u ever imagine... Im so blur of what did i really learnt ~ I should pay more attention to the class though i skipped class today again ... Im sorry that was so horribly boring ! Yee Shan and Ginny fall asleep then till Jason and lastly meeee ~ The moment i being awaked is Ginny asking me to pack my belongings and run ! Okayy ... we did it ! Im getting lazier, SERIOUSLY ! As u can see i rarely study or revision except on exam day ... Well i cant blame i have a bad memory , noboby have a bad memory unless u really a retarded person ... Week 8 already, i still havent buy any text book ... not even a copied text book ... Whats wrong with me ?

Today im quite disappointed with a tutorial presentation , i cant believe the lecturer will said their ads are very good ... but mine without any compliments ... even though i use 30 mins to finish the ads but still not bad wad ! Whatsoever, the another ads i put even more effort in it , but she still remained silence ... i dun understand what the heck they advertise about .... Its so messy and even draw with highlight pen ? Excuse me !? No doubt that they did put effort in it ... but the design is a NO NO NO answer for me ! Still i like the 1 2 3 4 5 group ~ i love their slogan , its so creative even though without any attractive visual aids... Just telling out my opinion ~
Have u ever face such problem before ? Class formed cliques against us ~ 26 against 4 ! Yes , whatsoever for those asshole ... Im not even interested in knowing u ... but for others , i bet they are still good kind there .... They just follow the big group ... Wookay ~ its most probably because of ONE person ... Yes , he is the main factor ... I hate stuck in the middle ... its either black or white , i hate grey ! Its i either like it or hate it .... I hate these kind of matters ! Damn i miss TB6 so damn much , we dun even face such problem and still always hang out in a big group ! Know what ? i really believe being a class rep is a curse esp without transportation ... i know u need additional marks for loan and so on ... but i believe u shouldnt give trouble to others while u r having the benefits ... U can figure it out by joining activities or society ... As my mom always told me not to give trouble to others because they didnt owe us ~ I think u should think about it what if this incident falls on urself ... Will u do the same thing as he did willingly ... i bet its a NO because once its okay but in long term it becomes a burden ... Since i cant confront u so i just express it here ... Peace !

I do mistakes too because i am imperfect too ... I have no rights to say about u , but .... lost control ~

Stay strong FANTASTIC FOUR !


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