3 days 2 nights with Sheny !

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The days that i brought Sheny to my house and stay overnight was FUNNY !

Case 1 :

She was the first person i know that brought along her shampoos and shower foam all the way from Kampar to my house to take a shower ...

Yea ~ I was like ... Ermmm my house didnt have shampoo meh ? why u want use urs ?

She answered : I want to use Dove mah !

Then i asked her : I got Dove also ah ~ !

After that , she said : I want to use mine ! ~~~


Case 2 :

I accidentally locked her in my bathroom ~ then i went down stair to find Maia ... Here is the story , i was trying to change clothes and she was being so defensive and shy ... then she ran into the bathroom as she want to take a shower too ~ So i just lock the door so she wont see how i change my clothes while i wont see her taking shower ~ But then ... i forget to unlock it ! Ahahaha ~ She called .... shouted ... screamed ... whined and finally sigh ... She gave up d ~ After around 15 minutes, then i remembered her ! Hahaha Sorry Sheny ~~ She said she gonna take revenge to lock me in her bathroom ~~ Noooooo ~~~


Case 3 :

I went to Allen's sister wedding dinner that night , then she left at home to do assignments ~ Poor girl ! When im back , she had already slept ~ So i took a bath and get everything done ... While i continue doing my assignment, i heard she said ~ Sueeeeee ~ Come and sleep ~~~ Accompany me sleep ~~~~~ ( in cantonese ) Then she continue sleep again ~~ Ahhemm ! So what do you think ( in Ginny's slang ) ?? Ahhemm ~~~ Hahaha ~ That night , she took away my bolster as Ginny named it as Benjamin ! Then i think i did rolled my body with my blanket and she get little bit of it only ~ Sorrry again ! Hahahaha ! However , the night without Benjamin is really weird ~


Case 4 :

She asked me to drive her around the city as she is a very out going person ~ so i drove her around ~ Then she suddenly suggest to go and find Sing Ee ~ Suprisingly, i drove an hour to Setiawan to find her with Maia ~ Maia must be very dizzy in the car ~ The problem is that we dont know how to go Sing Ee's house ~ it was my first time drove to Setiawan without my parent's permission ~ So happy to saw Sing Ee , however she seems more happy to see Maia ~ We went to her big big house again ... Her grandma was singing so loud that dont even noticed us walk into her room with Maia ~ After that , we went Secret Recipes for our lunch ~ Sheny treats me ~ Woohoo ! Thank you thank you !!


Case 5 :

Early in the morning , she wokes up and played Restaurant City ~ I heard "ding ding ding" coins sound ~ Then my mom wokes me up putting Maia on my face .. =_=" Sheny keep on asked me to wake up ~~ Ahhhh what a wonderful morning ..... had been ruined ~


It was a funny memorable day to stay with her ~ soon , we gonna move in a same house ~ cant wait to use ur precious toilet !!! wahahaha !!! Miss those days ~ dear pokers should come one day ~ i bet there will be endless funny incidents ~ !!

Upcoming post : Celine's weddings ~


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