Monday, June 15, 2009

Yoyoyo ~ There u go , Miko ~~ ur post babe !

A day before Miko's birthday , I recieved a call from Candy ~~~ [ Yee Tak ] and they asked whether my refrigerator got extra space ? then they brought a cake to me , just to help them to store the cake in my refrigerator ~ They told me its Miko's birthday and we will go to A to sing k ! RM19 per person sounds *ahhemm* so they changed to Ghany ..

At around 6.30pm , Ah Mi and Sing Ee came to fetch me ~ Then , Ah Mi went to search for a parking at Ghany while Sing Ee and i brought the cake to the staff of Ghany ~ in coincidentally, we met Miko , Joyi , Jason , Yee Tak and Ginny there ... so Sing Ee and i act like Oh Hey !! Why u guys are here ~ So ngam ~~ ! then Sing Ee n i ran into Ah Mi's car and we go to fetch Yee Shan ~ After that , we went to Ghany again and joined them with a nice dinner ~ Ashley had a nice hair cut ! Suit her best !

After that , we plan to give a suprise to Miko ~ Then we headed to their house coz all of us miss JJ and Creamy [ their dogs ] ~ Ah Mi brought her Summi there too ~ Pet society !!

At around 11.30pm , we decided to make a plan to suprise Miko ~ We went to Ginny house to change clothes and prepare everything ... Everyone of us wear a Batman mask to scare Miko and all of us wear UTAR shirt ~ Its so funny tat all of us wear it and went to Westlake ~ Everyone act like " what the hell they are doing ? " But who cares ? Ahhh dun care ~ Then Jason blindfolded Miko and we start to shake the car ~ and she screamed !! Muahaha ~ After that , Jason take out butter icing cream , its soooooo oily and thanks to that i bathed twice after tat ~ Everyone take and splat it on Miko's face ! Muahahah ~ Then she started to revenge when Jason give her a pack of cream ... All of us ran !! Lol its a nice celebration ~

Happy Birthday to Miko !

Heeeehee ~ wish u get 4.0 CGPA even though u r having a full scholarship ~~ Also , hope u stay happy always with Jason ~

Joyi , Ashley and Jason ~~

Ah Mi and Yee Shan ~~~


Yee Shan , Sing Ee and me ~ All of us looks the same !

Poor Miko ~

Creamy Yee Shan !!

Me , Ah Mi and Yee Shan ~

Happy Birthday !!

Make A Wish

My Girlss ~~

theee coupleeee


im wiping Joyi's face ~

Delicious ~~

Sing Ee ~

Whats tat face expression ? HIDEOUS


Hello !

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