What Else ? So Freaking Busy !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Losing my mind ...

Rushing for assignments ...


Im dying !

Ohhh god , just give me a break !!!!

Just dun understand why other course are so damn FREE

eg. Jar can actually watch movie/drama at her room while i was rushing for an assignment like a poooo poooo train ~

eg. Sing Ee is so free that she can practice singing on Sunday while Sheny and i nearly fainted for doing assignment AGAIN !

eg. Miacco lagi lagi relaxxxx ! She got no worries at all !! Assignment , huh ?

I think im lost ...

Where is my heart ?

What about the passion i used to have in Adv ?

Btw i hate a lecture that is being so sarcastic !

I dunno what so funny ... stop ur fake smile !

I hate FRIDAY !!

All of us will change into black black face when attend her class while she is enjoying her jokes that she thought is funneyyy ~~~

Good night , witch bitch !


Hello !

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