Monday, June 15, 2009


Sick till 7 colours ~ headache , fever , flu and sore throat ... all of them visiting me now ~ how sweeeeet !

Yday i went for a doc and i felt extremely dizzy after i ate those medicine given by the doctor ~ sleep like nobody else ... even my poodle , Maia barks till no voice , still im sleeping ~ till my mom is back ~ coz i locked her in the cage ~

While i was bathing ~ i recieved 3 missed calls from Jar ~ I tot she asked me go out Yum Cha ~ Suprisingly , she asked whether im still sick and wanna a pack of "leong cha" ? Yippie , she brought it all the way from Ipoh ! How sweeeet she is !

Thank you very much , Mommy Jar !!


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