Hard Life

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today tutor Mr Lionel aka Mr Handsome said something that freaks me out ! He said now u better work hard on these subject , try to get higher CGPA bcoz the subject follow by will be more harder than u think ... u need to use triple hard work to get back a good result in ur next sem or next year if u failed to get a minimum CGPA of 2.0.... He encouraged us to get as many As as possible ... But A is not easy for me leh Ah Mr Handsome ! "A"sounds like impossible to me ... He said if u want ur grade to be B or C , its really easy ~ no need to work hard on it....

First day of tutorial already sooo scary ~ Im thinking about the easy life in Foundation ! Sooooo relaxxxxxx compare to degree ~ I mean no need to worry , no need to study or revision on weekends except during exam weeks and study week ... Im so so enjoying the life in Foundation ~ Weekends or free time just play play play , yum cha , hang out and shopping ! What a life !

Wish i can successfully gone thru degree ~ Plus, hope this is what i really want ... Im thinking of other options , perhaps ? I have a bad feelings that i may failed to graduate from UTAR ! I dont want to waste my parent's money ... They had already retired and enjoying their life ~ Next year , my bro will graduate ~ then they only have to afford my full course bill ... I dont want to disappoint them ... i wanna be a good girl ... i dont want to be a spend thrift anymore ....
Why do i sounds like im going to graduate or end of this degree ? I only had just attend the first
day of degree !!!!!

Maybe i just think tooooo much much much ! Hope i can get along well with my group mate ~ Btw thanks to Jason that he can fetch me to school , Sorry for any inconveniences ~ Thank you very much ! =)

Woke up this morning and found out i had a serious SORE EYES !! I look like JJ now ~ Sorry Poker Boobs , cant have brunch with u ~~ tomorrow eee okie ?


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