First Day

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today is the first day to meet a my group ~ the environment in the class was like first day to UTAR ~ Everyone was nervous and shy ... Luckily Yee Tuck same class with me ~ If not , i might be shy to death ~ teehee ! I know a guy named Eko , well he seems nervous ~ He describe as " She is very fun , fun and fun ! " Am i really that fun ? But they are really nice too ... The person sit beside him , erm i forgotten his name ... Seems kinda friendly ~ He asked me about elective subject ~ I haven't choose ~~ Gosh !
There is a handsome in my class , i think he know me =D bcoz we chat before ... There is a leng lui in our class too ~ all i know about her is that she loves PINK ! Sooner or later we need to form a group for assignment ... Haiz , hope Ginny and Jason can change to our group successfully ~ as well as YEE SHAN !! ~ We miss her badly !!

Thinking about how to go to school ! Daddy ~~~~~~~~ ! Arghh ... thanks to Sing Ee coz today she fetched me back ~ if not Uncle and I have to wait till 2 to 3 pm ... Looking at the timetable and feel so worry ~ In the early morning , i can walk to school perhaps ? ~ Feel sorry for giving so much pressure to my dad to buy me a car , it feels like I'm a bad daughter trying to ask for this and that ~ Plus, we are poor ... I think i have to stop whining about it ... Poor dad , I shouldnt be so selfish , but what about me ?


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