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Thursday, June 18, 2009

People In Campus That Will Freaks You Out !

Questions 1 :

I saw a girl wearing a super loose spagetthi straps shirt with colourful mickey minnie mouse cartoon or watever cheap affordable bra , and its so obvious that u can see half of that bra even though she is wearing the shirt .
What makes her do so ?


Question 2 :

Why got such human being ? Girls are troublesome , in major ~ But do they really need to show bad attitudes to survive ?


Question 3 :

Why do those good looking guys and girls are so DAMN arrogant ? Oh pleaseeee , u will old one day , u wont be beautiful always and forever ! You will get old one day , so why dont u meet some friends before u get ugly ? Get urself some smiley faces , please ~ Stop being so vain .


Question 4 : [ Random ]

Should i awake Allen as he informed me to do so at 1.00 am ~ But he is in his sweet dreams and he even snores ~ Should I ?


[ p/s: I hate drama queen or king , lets free from war , keep the peace ! I dont wanna lose anyone that is worth in my life . ]


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