Saturday, June 6, 2009

the pregnant labrador , named as Lado ~

the 4th new born puppies ~ with placenta !

how cuteeee ~~~~ he knows how to suck his mom's *neh neh* ~~~

However , he is dead now !! Gerammm ~ the green spot on his body is the color of the fabric ~

Poor Lado , when giving birth oso need to chain ~

Im so pissed off !! My labrador had gone !!

Here is the story ...

A friend of my dad decided to give us a baby labrador , Im sooooo freaking happy to hear that ... However , he is dead right now ! There was 3 little puppies of it had died also ! Because we heard about that 3 little puppies , so we rushed to his house and figured it ... We take care the labrador and comfort her , because she is giving birth and i know its suffering ... After an hour , she successfully born the fourth puppies , luckily its still alive ... so we called a vet ~ everything had settled and we are glad that its saved ! So we go back home happily ~ After half an hour , my dad recieved a call from the brainless , he told us the puppy had died ... Because he unlocked his Pincher and Daschund ... They bite the puppy ... Now its DEAD !! We had already informed him to lock these two dogs because they will bite it ! We even mentioned it before we leaved ... But then ... these brainless people !!!

dear pups , rest in peace !


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