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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our class , weird one .

Poor Jason and Uncle !

Uncle had volunteered to become our class rep , then he went to look for our tutor at FAS ~ After a while , he came back and told us " Class Dismissed ! " Then , as a class rep , he had to announce to our class ~ Then we encouraged him to speak it loud ! CLASS DISMISSED !!! Jason thought everyone will cheer and leave the class happily ~ Wohoooo ~ But the class still remained silence , nobody bothered us at all ! Walao ehhhhhh ~ I miss TB6 lah !!!!! For TB6 , we will cheer like graduation and discussed to where where where to eat lunch ! But our T3 ~ =_=" I dun understand lah .... We are trying to bond with some new classmates , okok la ~ Haiz i miss TB6 damn damn much ! I think we havent break the ice lah ~ But i still think there is some gap between us and them ...

Lets play the song " Britney Spears - Break The Ice "

[p/s : Stereotype , Prejudice & Discrimination ]


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