What Else ? So Freaking Busy !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Losing my mind ...

Rushing for assignments ...


Im dying !

Ohhh god , just give me a break !!!!

Just dun understand why other course are so damn FREE

eg. Jar can actually watch movie/drama at her room while i was rushing for an assignment like a poooo poooo train ~

eg. Sing Ee is so free that she can practice singing on Sunday while Sheny and i nearly fainted for doing assignment AGAIN !

eg. Miacco lagi lagi relaxxxx ! She got no worries at all !! Assignment , huh ?

I think im lost ...

Where is my heart ?

What about the passion i used to have in Adv ?

Btw i hate a lecture that is being so sarcastic !

I dunno what so funny ... stop ur fake smile !

I hate FRIDAY !!

All of us will change into black black face when attend her class while she is enjoying her jokes that she thought is funneyyy ~~~

Good night , witch bitch !

Super Busy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I really got no time for blog now ... busy like nobody else !

Assignments is driving me crazy !

Plus, im gaining weight SERIOUSLY ! I need some work out , but i have NO TIME !!!!!!!

What to do ??? Headache when everything goes wrong !

Im moving out soon ~ Living with my poker group !

Btw, im taking master room !! Muahahahahahaha ~

However, i got no transportation...

I hope this is a correct decision for moving in so far away from uni...

What if....

What if....

What if...

No longer can see those bloody labours running outside the corridor with only SARUNG !


Saturday, June 20, 2009

So many works , so little time !


Channel Problem

Thursday, June 18, 2009

People In Campus That Will Freaks You Out !

Questions 1 :

I saw a girl wearing a super loose spagetthi straps shirt with colourful mickey minnie mouse cartoon or watever cheap affordable bra , and its so obvious that u can see half of that bra even though she is wearing the shirt .
What makes her do so ?


Question 2 :

Why got such human being ? Girls are troublesome , in major ~ But do they really need to show bad attitudes to survive ?


Question 3 :

Why do those good looking guys and girls are so DAMN arrogant ? Oh pleaseeee , u will old one day , u wont be beautiful always and forever ! You will get old one day , so why dont u meet some friends before u get ugly ? Get urself some smiley faces , please ~ Stop being so vain .


Question 4 : [ Random ]

Should i awake Allen as he informed me to do so at 1.00 am ~ But he is in his sweet dreams and he even snores ~ Should I ?


[ p/s: I hate drama queen or king , lets free from war , keep the peace ! I dont wanna lose anyone that is worth in my life . ]

Stress till ....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Since i proceed to degree in advertising ...
STRESS is killing me ...
Assignment Assignment Assignment !!
Nowadays assignment is getting tougher ~
Its single spacing !! I mean we used to have 1.5 spacing in Foundation ~
Sheny and i need to rush the assignment like train !

Moreover , we got lots of assignments !!!

  • Introduction To Advertising [ Munchys - Its Marketing !! ]
  • Copywritting Advertising [ Our Own Print Ads, Billboard and Television Commercial- Its all about creativity ~ ]
  • Introduction To Mass Communication [ Design Our Own Magazine, Individual Presentation and Group Presentation ]
  • Introduction To Information Technology [ Discovering Impact Of ICT In Education And Business ]
  • Oral Communication Skill [ Impromptu Speech, Individual Oral Speech and Group Speech ]
  • Communicative English [Oral Presentation ]

As u can see these are my subjects and assignments given ~

Can i say WTF ?

Luckily , we still have time for de-stress !

Guess what ?

5 of us [ Ginny , Jason , Yee Tak , Yee Shan and me ] went to computer centre today , Khakaboo ~

Play what game ?

Left 4 Death and Call For Duty !

Its a LAN game !

Damn syok man ~

and it costs RM8.70 per person ~

Bankrupt luhhhhh ~


Monday, June 15, 2009


Sick till 7 colours ~ headache , fever , flu and sore throat ... all of them visiting me now ~ how sweeeeet !

Yday i went for a doc and i felt extremely dizzy after i ate those medicine given by the doctor ~ sleep like nobody else ... even my poodle , Maia barks till no voice , still im sleeping ~ till my mom is back ~ coz i locked her in the cage ~

While i was bathing ~ i recieved 3 missed calls from Jar ~ I tot she asked me go out Yum Cha ~ Suprisingly , she asked whether im still sick and wanna a pack of "leong cha" ? Yippie , she brought it all the way from Ipoh ! How sweeeet she is !

Thank you very much , Mommy Jar !!

Who Is Maia ?


Its my Poodle ~

We named it Maia ~

It means Close To God ..

Its a translation from foreign language , latin ?

Insipired by my sister ~

Cute ?

Watch my sexy butt ! Yeah !

Her best friend , Patrick ~ They sleep together ~ Awwww !

Depressed ?

She is so BLACK !

Sleep together AGAIN

Sleeping ~

Can u see her eyes ? LOL

She refuse to get into her pinky cage ~

Home Sweet Home , Baby Maia !

Look alike ? Maia is the most curly among her brothers and sisters ~

Super Random Post !

Its a worm found in Jason's rice

YEAH ! We drawed the topic of assignment that we wished for !! Yippie !!

Playing with my mascara ~

Its daddy Louise ! Long time no seeee

Loveee ~


Cutieeee ~

Yoyoyo ~ There u go , Miko ~~ ur post babe !

A day before Miko's birthday , I recieved a call from Candy ~~~ [ Yee Tak ] and they asked whether my refrigerator got extra space ? then they brought a cake to me , just to help them to store the cake in my refrigerator ~ They told me its Miko's birthday and we will go to A to sing k ! RM19 per person sounds *ahhemm* so they changed to Ghany ..

At around 6.30pm , Ah Mi and Sing Ee came to fetch me ~ Then , Ah Mi went to search for a parking at Ghany while Sing Ee and i brought the cake to the staff of Ghany ~ in coincidentally, we met Miko , Joyi , Jason , Yee Tak and Ginny there ... so Sing Ee and i act like Oh Hey !! Why u guys are here ~ So ngam ~~ ! then Sing Ee n i ran into Ah Mi's car and we go to fetch Yee Shan ~ After that , we went to Ghany again and joined them with a nice dinner ~ Ashley had a nice hair cut ! Suit her best !

After that , we plan to give a suprise to Miko ~ Then we headed to their house coz all of us miss JJ and Creamy [ their dogs ] ~ Ah Mi brought her Summi there too ~ Pet society !!

At around 11.30pm , we decided to make a plan to suprise Miko ~ We went to Ginny house to change clothes and prepare everything ... Everyone of us wear a Batman mask to scare Miko and all of us wear UTAR shirt ~ Its so funny tat all of us wear it and went to Westlake ~ Everyone act like " what the hell they are doing ? " But who cares ? Ahhh dun care ~ Then Jason blindfolded Miko and we start to shake the car ~ and she screamed !! Muahaha ~ After that , Jason take out butter icing cream , its soooooo oily and thanks to that i bathed twice after tat ~ Everyone take and splat it on Miko's face ! Muahahah ~ Then she started to revenge when Jason give her a pack of cream ... All of us ran !! Lol its a nice celebration ~

Happy Birthday to Miko !

Heeeehee ~ wish u get 4.0 CGPA even though u r having a full scholarship ~~ Also , hope u stay happy always with Jason ~

Joyi , Ashley and Jason ~~

Ah Mi and Yee Shan ~~~


Yee Shan , Sing Ee and me ~ All of us looks the same !

Poor Miko ~

Creamy Yee Shan !!

Me , Ah Mi and Yee Shan ~

Happy Birthday !!

Make A Wish

My Girlss ~~

theee coupleeee


im wiping Joyi's face ~

Delicious ~~

Sing Ee ~

Whats tat face expression ? HIDEOUS


Saturday, June 6, 2009

the pregnant labrador , named as Lado ~

the 4th new born puppies ~ with placenta !

how cuteeee ~~~~ he knows how to suck his mom's *neh neh* ~~~

However , he is dead now !! Gerammm ~ the green spot on his body is the color of the fabric ~

Poor Lado , when giving birth oso need to chain ~

Im so pissed off !! My labrador had gone !!

Here is the story ...

A friend of my dad decided to give us a baby labrador , Im sooooo freaking happy to hear that ... However , he is dead right now ! There was 3 little puppies of it had died also ! Because we heard about that 3 little puppies , so we rushed to his house and figured it ... We take care the labrador and comfort her , because she is giving birth and i know its suffering ... After an hour , she successfully born the fourth puppies , luckily its still alive ... so we called a vet ~ everything had settled and we are glad that its saved ! So we go back home happily ~ After half an hour , my dad recieved a call from the brainless , he told us the puppy had died ... Because he unlocked his Pincher and Daschund ... They bite the puppy ... Now its DEAD !! We had already informed him to lock these two dogs because they will bite it ! We even mentioned it before we leaved ... But then ... these brainless people !!!

dear pups , rest in peace !

Apalah ?!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our class , weird one .

Poor Jason and Uncle !

Uncle had volunteered to become our class rep , then he went to look for our tutor at FAS ~ After a while , he came back and told us " Class Dismissed ! " Then , as a class rep , he had to announce to our class ~ Then we encouraged him to speak it loud ! CLASS DISMISSED !!! Jason thought everyone will cheer and leave the class happily ~ Wohoooo ~ But the class still remained silence , nobody bothered us at all ! Walao ehhhhhh ~ I miss TB6 lah !!!!! For TB6 , we will cheer like graduation and discussed to where where where to eat lunch ! But our T3 ~ =_=" I dun understand lah .... We are trying to bond with some new classmates , okok la ~ Haiz i miss TB6 damn damn much ! I think we havent break the ice lah ~ But i still think there is some gap between us and them ...

Lets play the song " Britney Spears - Break The Ice "

[p/s : Stereotype , Prejudice & Discrimination ]


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You dont have to insult me .

I know i dont owned it .

I wont feel jealous ,

Because i know sooner or later i will owned it .

But im better than u !

You are so stingy and greedy !

Hard Life

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today tutor Mr Lionel aka Mr Handsome said something that freaks me out ! He said now u better work hard on these subject , try to get higher CGPA bcoz the subject follow by will be more harder than u think ... u need to use triple hard work to get back a good result in ur next sem or next year if u failed to get a minimum CGPA of 2.0.... He encouraged us to get as many As as possible ... But A is not easy for me leh Ah Mr Handsome ! "A"sounds like impossible to me ... He said if u want ur grade to be B or C , its really easy ~ no need to work hard on it....

First day of tutorial already sooo scary ~ Im thinking about the easy life in Foundation ! Sooooo relaxxxxxx compare to degree ~ I mean no need to worry , no need to study or revision on weekends except during exam weeks and study week ... Im so so enjoying the life in Foundation ~ Weekends or free time just play play play , yum cha , hang out and shopping ! What a life !

Wish i can successfully gone thru degree ~ Plus, hope this is what i really want ... Im thinking of other options , perhaps ? I have a bad feelings that i may failed to graduate from UTAR ! I dont want to waste my parent's money ... They had already retired and enjoying their life ~ Next year , my bro will graduate ~ then they only have to afford my full course bill ... I dont want to disappoint them ... i wanna be a good girl ... i dont want to be a spend thrift anymore ....
Why do i sounds like im going to graduate or end of this degree ? I only had just attend the first
day of degree !!!!!

Maybe i just think tooooo much much much ! Hope i can get along well with my group mate ~ Btw thanks to Jason that he can fetch me to school , Sorry for any inconveniences ~ Thank you very much ! =)

Woke up this morning and found out i had a serious SORE EYES !! I look like JJ now ~ Sorry Poker Boobs , cant have brunch with u ~~ tomorrow eee okie ?

First Day

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today is the first day to meet a my group ~ the environment in the class was like first day to UTAR ~ Everyone was nervous and shy ... Luckily Yee Tuck same class with me ~ If not , i might be shy to death ~ teehee ! I know a guy named Eko , well he seems nervous ~ He describe as " She is very fun , fun and fun ! " Am i really that fun ? But they are really nice too ... The person sit beside him , erm i forgotten his name ... Seems kinda friendly ~ He asked me about elective subject ~ I haven't choose ~~ Gosh !
There is a handsome in my class , i think he know me =D bcoz we chat before ... There is a leng lui in our class too ~ all i know about her is that she loves PINK ! Sooner or later we need to form a group for assignment ... Haiz , hope Ginny and Jason can change to our group successfully ~ as well as YEE SHAN !! ~ We miss her badly !!

Thinking about how to go to school ! Daddy ~~~~~~~~ ! Arghh ... thanks to Sing Ee coz today she fetched me back ~ if not Uncle and I have to wait till 2 to 3 pm ... Looking at the timetable and feel so worry ~ In the early morning , i can walk to school perhaps ? ~ Feel sorry for giving so much pressure to my dad to buy me a car , it feels like I'm a bad daughter trying to ask for this and that ~ Plus, we are poor ... I think i have to stop whining about it ... Poor dad , I shouldnt be so selfish , but what about me ?

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