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Thursday, May 14, 2009


My bro finally went back ~ i can use my streamyx line at last !!! Phewww ~ Suppose to go to jogging with Cheah in the afternoon , but its raining ! Im gaining lotsa weights , guys dun freak out when u saw me , yes ! Im turning back to the fat old Sue ! Gahhhhh ~ Mom please stop buy those oily foods and feed me like a PIG! Everyday cook soup for me and asked me to finish it ~ Ahhhhhhhhhh ~ Plus , im so lazy for yoga now .... Mamamamamamamama ~ She always said "Aiya this not fat one , dun worry !" But its fat and somemore said DUN WORRY ! ~ My Godness , buy me so many foods and if im not eating it , all of em will throw into rubbish bin ... So the only way to prevent it is dont go to the kitchen ! Gahhhhhhhhhhh ~ !!

My dad said i looked i like a grizzly bear ! You can call me Suezy the Pooh !

Addicted to Restaurant City ? Thinking of how to get correct answer for the quiz ? Yea , now u can get all correct for the quiz from here . Just refer to the answer and get the ingredients ~ Now u can have at least a ingredient everyday but just make sure u read all the questions and answers ~

Happy ?

Grateful ?

Trade beef with me PLEASE ~ LOL

I was thinking about my restaurant which i named it "Bankrupt Soon" more likely to be a public toilet than a restaurant ~ Go home PEE and POO lahh ~! Im not only the owner of the restaurant , also toilet cleaner " Ah Sam" !!


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