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Monday, May 4, 2009

Okay ~ here it is ... i slept overnight at Alvix house and at around 5.30 am , we start our journey to KL to find my baby V ! Well, two naive and stupid trying to find Veeiean's place by using GPS ! well the map is really difficult to see , especially there was no god damn route to lead us there ! Nokia map sucks just as Sony's ~

We get there at 7.30 am and started to find her place ~ SS15 ! ok ~ it was quite complicated as Alvix and i shouting at each other which way should we go .... then we will see the damn wrong road leading to somewhere we dunno ! Then he is so effin blur that even went into the parking in Sunway as i asked him to turn left to wait Veeiean at the entrance ! he is so effin deaf and stubborn , so he gotta paid rm3 for the u-turn in the parking ~ kinda swt huh ? Well , he just cant calm down after all the wrong way we had gone thru ~ so i should be the driver !!!

Well , its okay , finally we meet veeiean and thank god im safe in her car ... She drive like a siao eh ~ freaks me out ! when she brake , i think i nearly crush to the window ... I guess this is how KL people drives ~ While waiting for Chee Eng , we went Sunway Pyramid to have a window shopping ....

After that, we went 1U ~ hell lots of ppl and we finally found a parking in half an hour... And the first thing i bought is a shirt for my B as 3 months-versary coz 3 is my lucky number... Lucky tat was the last size ! lucky me ~ Then , i started to hunt for my goodies ~

Unfortunately i gained lot of weights recently ... look sucks ! Stopped yoga for a month and its killing me ~ Btw these photo are in descending order ~ Paiseh ! Im officially bankrupt now ! No shooppping , no hunting ! what a month !!!

The orange and milky colour is Taro Ball ~ really nice !!

Self-service ~ when it buzz which means u have to go to the counter and get ur drinks ~ How creative !

good environment !

Perfect place !

The owner of this shop is really a couple from Taiwan ! Thumbs up for it !






Cute dress and i luv it !

Look im pregnant ! Juno - Suno

Weird ~ Clubber

No im not tat big ~ Stop peeping

Bohemian ~

* Smile *

Blank !










Playing with this while waiting for them to peeee

May i serve u a drink ?


Meet Iceberg Lady ...

It melts my heart and makes me forget what is FAT and CALORIES ! But then i realised after i drank it =_=

The couple ~

Variety choice of chocolates !

His expression ... 24 hours and 365 days !

Fart ?

You should be eating the spoon too ~

I look more likely putting out of shit






LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

we managed to catch up a fashion show ~ pretty nice but weird walking model

i hide myself up to unblock ur sight but u ....

Look young huh ? i bought it !

meet the auntiess ~

i bought tis too !

She look good in this !!!

i luv this shorts !

Wrong cutting

Do you see the ratio of 1:2 ?

She look like a sperm !

This ?

Dorothy Perkins ~


Jack said...

omg datz bebe fashion show!lucky u!*jealous*hahaha

Sue said...

yup =) btw u r ?

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