Meet My Dearest Pokers

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I met my dear po-po-pookers on the registration day ~ we screaming all the way when we met ! Hahaha ~ Everyone is getting prettier and smarter , but me ? Getting fatter ! =_=" After the registration , we went to Ayer Tawar ( Singee's hometown ) ~~ Her house is awesome ! one word to describe - HUGE ! Her grandpa is so cool , he drive Mercedes Benz Kompressor and Estima ~~ Her grandma drive Myvi ! Soo cute isnt it ? Her house was really BIG , 3 floors and each floors with a big big balcony ~ Plus, many fliesss ~ Hahaha funny to see her grandpa and grandma hitting flies ~ Then we went to eat the famous "black sauce noodle" ~ The noodles are really great ! Then we went to her mom's shop ~ Spa & Facial ~ We ran here and there because the whole shop was just us 5 creatures ! Ah Mi was busying trying some clothes while Sheny sit on the chair coz she was really tired ~ Allen and i was busying discovering her spa shop ! Going there was like going to Bali ~ teehee ! After that , we went to her sis's shop , jus beside her mom's shop ... It was a dance and yoga shop ~ The environment was really nice ! =)

After that , we continue our journey to my hometown ~ Teluk Intan ! Arghhh nothing much in here ~ The Leaning Clock Tower ? Chee Cheong Fun ? Heong Pia ? I brought them to the Leaning Clock Tower and we discovered it ~ Btw , its my first time to go to the top of the tower for these 19 years =_=" Then i drove them go long kai , let them see the Mystery Case Of Big Stone that can move !?!? No longer can move now ... Hahaha ~ Then showed them a haunted house ! Heeeeheee ~ I was planned to bring them to eat Chee Cheong Fun but it was closed ~ Too bad and im sorrreeee ! Next time okie ? Before that , i bought them "bitter leong cha" ! Supeeer Bitter ! Because Yee Shan had a fever ~ All of us cant finished it , only Ah Mi can "tahan" and finished all of it ~ Phewww ! We poured it into a river ~ Oh ya , i also brought them to river side to enjoy the scenery while many malays was fishing there =)

Yoga Room !

Finished it d . Paiseh cant wait to eat so ... =(

Spell it with me : B.I.G

Its happy to meet back my TB6 classmate ~ Yeapie ! I think we will rarely get together and chat anymore , however i will still in the same course with Jason , Ginny , Uncle and Yee Shan ... Today, Uncle told me the timetable had updated ~ And Jason same group with Ginny ... Thank god i same group with Uncle !! I doesnt want to go in a new group and stand in front of the class and self-intro again .. Hello , Im Sue from bla bla bla , I choose this course because ..... Arghhhh LAME Cant wait to go for the first class [ without self introduction PLEASE ] !

Sheny !!!!!!!!!!!! Pray that we are in the same group !!!! Ahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

My mom's chicken curry ~ teehee


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